Monday, April 5, 2010

One thing to take into consideration for the crazy amount of personal business cards present at NCECA is that the only ones I really mean something to me are the one's that were given to me from people who made an impression. There were tables next to tables that were smothered in calls for attention. It's one way to do it. I did it myself. I just want to take a moment to appreciate the people that I met. All of the names listed below are the names of some real genuine individuals who I recommend checking out if you have the time. 

To name some of the more personable people I met at NCECA:
Garth Johnson -
Hiroe_Hanazono -
J.J. McCracken -
Dean Adams - Montana State University
Ray Chen -
Priscilla Mouritzen -
Melissa Mytty -
Jason Bige Burnett -
Mike Arnold - Grad Student, University of North Dakota
Michaele Rose Watson -
Xavier Toubes -
Eric Gorder -

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